Where I've been and Where I am going

As the month of February moves along we approach the one year anniversary of my blog, my sixtieth post and eventually, my twenty-third birthday. Thinking back on what I've posted here I have realized that I sort of just jumped right in, hit the ground running, explaining nothing of my life or how I developed a love for all things vintage. Nothing wrong with jumping in midstream but I'd like to share with you, dear readers, and preserve for my own knowledge, not only where I've been but also, through this blog, where I am going.

Inspired by a post by a fellow blogger, I dug around for some old photographs. My vintage conversion was a rather sudden one. In my senior year of high school and freshman year of college I created and maintained a rather spiky head of dreadlocks which I wore proudly in my new home, Toronto, Ontario. While fitting in rather well in Toronto, back in my tiny hometown I drew attention of the negative sort and I suppose that pleased me in some silly rebellious teen way. I had always bought and worn old clothes, of any sort and period, simply because they were different. Being a creepy kid I had an affinity for anything Renaissance, Edwardian or Victorian so long as it was black. I was also fascinated by the '80's, a decade of clothing that hadn't yet, or maybe hasn't still, gone out of style in Western New York. Toronto opened new fashion horizons for me and I took advantage of many of the fantastic vintage clothing stores around town finding that the styles of the 1940's and 50's fit well.

Sometime early on in my second year of college I kind of lost my grip on things and rashly chopped my dreads off, tossing them in the trash like they hadn't meant anything to me for the last 2 years. Luckily, I was able to un-dread a fair bit of hair leaving me with enough hair to actually do something with. My "new" hair was different than it had been before the dreads, wavy and more relaxed it fell into a "vintage" looking style without any effort from me and with that, a blue polka-dot dress and a tube of clearance lipstick something clicked and everything fell into place. In a matter of months I went from having red and blue manic panic dyed dreads and eyes ringed with black to wearing red lipstick and sporting my most favorite wave in the front of my hair. While I do dream of the dreads now and then, it is needless to say, my transformation stuck.

The dreaded dreads and what followed.

So, while I am a few weeks premature in saying this, here is to the next year of my blog and where ever life is headed. I hope you, my fair readers, will stay tuned and bear with me as we enter the second year Sailing Over a Cardboard Sea.

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