New Means for Old Desires

This tax season, the government was particularly kind to me. I am completely aware that they are simply returning money that was rightfully mine all along but I am always surprised and happy to have a little extra cash in my pocket this time of year. While I should be smart and stash this money away for something practical, I feel like using my new means to pay for some old desires.

1. Ink
It has been about a year since my last tattoo and once again I'm feeling the itch. I'm stuck on poppies this time but I'm in need of another artist once again. Sigh. I might be waiting a bit on this desire.

2. Garments
Reading blogs has planted some seeds of want in my little brain. Inspired by this post I've added a bullet bra from What Katie Did to my to buy list. Some outfits just don't look right without that authentic silhouette. Also on my list, since seeing them here, pants from Freddie's of Pinewood. Freddie's pants seem like the perfect solution to a functional vintage inspired outfit that can be worn for work or play. Last but not least on my list, found by accident at the Vivian of Holloway site, a sarong dress. I've wanted one of these little numbers for ages and Vivian of Holloway has a nice selection of sarong dresses in many fabrics. Perfect for warmer weather!

3. Travel
On the 18th of this month, my birthday, I plan to visit Toronto for the day to make up for all the shopping I've been missing since I left. Also, within the next six months I hope to visit an old friend in Boston and keep a dear friend company in Norfolk, Virginia while her husband is at sea.

If any of these "old desires" become "new acquires" or are checked off my to do list, I'll be sure to blog about them here. Thanks to everyone for keeping such inspirational blogs and writing such kind comments here at Sailing over a Cardboard Sea.

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