Hooked on a Look

"my hair wild, frizzy and natural,
 my lips nude,  nails unpolished " and wearing my
great aunt's old dress, at the beach. 

I'm having a hard time letting go. Letting go, that is, of my look. A quick peek back into the dusty archives of this blog and at my closet posts reveals that I've been playing around with a vintage inspired look for some time now. For the last couple years I've been setting my hair, sleeping nightly on pin curls or rollers and brushing it out into a style that resembles those of the 40s and 50s. With my clothes, whether they be new or vintage, I would usually try to achieve a classic look for an all together classic yet casual style. 

These days you can find me in shorts, my hair wild, frizzy and natural, my lips nude,  nails unpolished and not a stitch of vintage clothing in sight. In the past, I would never be caught this way but these days it's more necessity than a fashion statement. I no longer set my hair at night as I feel bad to make my beau try and cuddle with me with all those metal clips in my hair (they usually just end up falling out any how). If I do set, the humidity just wrecks my curls, turning silky strands into a frizzy mess worthy of starring on Fraggle Rock. Forget trying to cheat and use hot rollers, in minutes the hot, sticky air has reduced my waves to fuzz. As for the lipstick? Forget it, I'll just sweat it off. And my beautiful collection of vintage summer dresses? Far too heavy to wear in this heat, plus I'd feel guilty sweating all over their 70 year old material. In fact, many of my wonderful dresses, especially the wool ones, didn't even make the move down.

I was fine with this change, after all, the heat is sometimes unbearable for this northerner, and I'll do anything to keep cool. I don't know about you but I'm convinced that it really should never be the same temperature (or greater) outside your body as it is inside.

 I was fine with this change, that is, until I picked up Mad Men again. Sigh. I suppose I'm just hooked on a look. Vintage glamour and classic style makes me feel confident, powerful, beautiful..... unique, feelings that I've missed. Now, it is my mission to find vintage inspired ways to beat the heat and maintain my look. How did people do it back then? There must be a more sophisticated way to stay cool than shorts and flip flops (ugh). Be sure to find more about this in future posts!

On a side note, if you didn't know already,   Mad Men is having a casting call for a walk on roll on the show (swoon). I suppose this is old news at this point but I've just found this out from the Mad Men facebook page and I'm quite excited. I'd given a quick thought to throwing my hat in the ring, just for the heck of it, but quickly retracted the thought when I saw other contestants. I'm happy to see that Miss Twila Jean of the infamous "Mysterious Life of a Metropolitan Housewife" blog has entered the contest, as I'm sure many other lovely ladies of the blogging world have too. I'd like to wish these ladies good luck and encourage you to vote for your choice here.

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