Fishing: A vintage hobby

          I come from a fishing family, my grandfather is a bass master and my aunts, uncles, as well as my mother, have followed suit. For Grandpa, fishing is not only an enjoyable hobby but during the 50s and 60s, it was a means to feed his wife and five children.
          Fishing has always struck me, perhaps because of Grandpa, as an old fashioned hobby. Sometimes slow paced, requiring patience and lots of time spent in the elements, fishing likely seems boring and unappealing to many these days.
           Since moving down here, I've done a lot of fishing, Grandpa would be proud. I'm happy to have found someone with such a familiar hobby that I can be a part of, it's nice to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon together with a few lines in the water.
           Fishing here is so different than the fishing I've done at home. You never know what you're going to pull out of the briny water, often it's something fascinating or frightening.
Not the most flattering picture of me in my fishing hat, but here I am with a tiny sea robin I caught. Sea robins are interesting fish, they have fins that look like wings and spines that look and act like legs. I impressed my beau by identifying this fish as soon as I pulled it out of the water when he had no idea what this strange fish was. Truth is, I've actually caught larger versions of this fish while deep sea fishing in New Jersey. 

I am notorious for catching weird fish. This little guy is an inshore lizard fish and boy does he have big teeth. I caught him unintentionally while reeling my line in at the beach, consider that the next time you go swimming. 

The first shark I ever caught, tiny but it put up quite a fight. That was a great night of fishing, so great that we've been trying to duplicate it ever since.

Even if the fish aren't biting, there is always some sort of amazing marine life to look at, be it a crab, a jellyfish, pelican or even a dolphin, the sea never fails to entertain. I enjoy fishing simply because it's a great way to spend sometime outside, something I feel many of us should do more of these days. Come to think of it, I enjoy fishing for the exact reasons it may seem unappealing to some.

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