Photo Week: Semper Fidelis

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love to scour the internet for old photos and I'd like to dedicate this week to sharing the photos I've found interesting. First up, Semper Fidelis: a collection of vintage USMC photographs.

Living here at the back gate of a military base, with a Marine, my usual superficial infatuation with all things military, has started to run a little deeper. Ran across some great old photographs of Marines on flickr today and I thought I'd share. 

In the center, the man for which the near by base is named.



May 1942. New River, North Carolina (right up the road).
Check out the globe and anchor on the hat.

1941, New Orleans. 

1942, South Carolina. 


Things don't change much in the Marine Corps, though these photographs do make me morn the advent of MARPAT cammies. 

Look for more photographs coming soon, my next theme: vintage courtship and romance.

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