Hair: A Cut, finally

Okay, I'll let you in on a little secret: until Wednesday, I hadn't had a hair cut since May. Ugh. I know, it's really not the way to treat hair, especially hair that gets tortured the way mine does, but for whatever reason I just couldn't bring myself to get it cut. Finally it had gotten to the point were you could see the damage and my layers were no longer blending properly so I decided it was time to go in for a cut.

Now I know many ladies go to a salon that has staff that know how to cut and style hair in a vintage manner but let me state that I'm not that lucky nor can I afford to go somewhere that charges an arm and a leg for a cut, maybe someday. So I settle for something simple, a mall cut with walk in- walk out service. I don't mention I like to set my hair or that I'm interested in vintage style as this seems to be, nine times out of ten, confusing. I explain that I like lots of layers, that I wear my hair curly and I prefer a traditional cut, no razor. When the question of how the hair should be styled after the cut comes up, I've learned to just let the stylist do what she wants, which usually means straightening it. Usually I can work with whatever cut they give me but I can't imagine what a difference it would make getting my hair cut in a proper vintage style.
So this is what the stylist came up with this time:

lovely "mugshot"
She cut off approximately two inches, added more layers and of course blow dried it straight. I'm always surprised how much body my hair has when blown straight and feel like it should look good but in reality, straight hair distorts the shape of my face. My jawline looks much bigger when my hair has been straightened.

Anyway, I was of course itching to try a more vintage style so I washed the straight out and did a nearly dry pin curl set.

While it's certainly not the best set in the world and my hair is still in "shock" from the cut and thus relatively uncooperative, this gives me an idea what my hair will set like. There are some very short layers to contend with but all in all this style has promise.  

Well I suppose the conclusion to all this is to stay tuned! 
More clumsy adventures in hair styling are sure to follow now that I've been inspired by this new cut. 

And to you, dear readers, how do you go about getting a new hair cut? Do you enter the salon diagram in hand or do you describe what you want? What was your best cut ever and how did you achieve it?

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