MC Ball: The Find (vintage kismet)

Last month I made a request to you, dear readers, for help choosing a dress for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball.  Despite your wonderful suggestions I was still having a terrible time choosing a dress, nothing seemed right! Finally, before I went to Western New York, I settled on this dress from Blue Velvet Vintage  and ordered it to ensure I had plenty of time for alterations. The dress arrived in a very timely manner, in fact while I was still in New York, which was a relief as I had been stressing about a dress since I posted about it here last month.
Well, as it would happen, I will not be wearing the dress from Blue Velvet Vintage. Why not? Well, as my luck would have it, while I was in Western New York and this very dress was sitting in a box on my table, a fabulous vintage gown was hanging in one of my favorite antique shops waiting for me to find it. As I explained in yesterday's post, before leaving New York, I made my rounds and stopped at all my favorite shops. My last stop was at Southtowns Antiques on Route 219 in Springville, NY, a shop that is full of wonderful old home decor items and in this case, a gown! 

Here is what was waiting for me:
Yep, as you can tell from the photograph, I bought it. As soon as I tried it on I knew this was the dress. No wonder I was so hesitant to buy new, nothing fits as well or feels as good as vintage. 
I love when things happen like this, vintage kismet!

  Such a sweet neckline and a darling 50s silhouette to this dress, it's amazing! 
I am sure to be the only one wearing anything like this at the ball. 

It's in great shape, just a bit of staining around the hemline and a few barely noticeable snags in the chiffon. 
 I've got the hem soaking in OxiClean as I type this, should take care of this discoloration. 

So now I've got two amazing dresses on my hands, one new and still in it's package and one old and soaking, one two many dresses for the Marine Corps Ball. 
The most obvious solution would to be send back the dress to Blue Velvet Vintage but alas, I cannot get ahold of anyone to authorize my return. The company certainly gets points for quick shipping and a beautiful product, but gains a negative review for customer service. Besides their lack of response, due to their restocking fee policy, returning it at this point would leave me out both the return shipping and 25% of the over all cost, which is ridiculous. Buy from Blue Velvet only if you are confident you will not be sending anything back. 
Ugh. Anyone need a beautiful drape back, champagne gown? 

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