A Belated Birthday and More

Last Friday was my birthday and I celebrated with my parents, who made the drive from NY, and my beau. We kept the celebration pretty simple and just enjoyed an afternoon in Wilmington which was topped off by a sushi feast (we ate wayyyyyy too much!).

I of course used the occasion to throw on a pretty frock, which happened to be a wonderful dress I picked up last year when I spent my birthday in Toronto. Lucky for me, my mother likes to take pictures and I actually have proof of my birthday dress!

Here I am trying on some fishing boots on the way to our sushi feast:

On our way to dinner we stopped by to check on the progress of the house. Here is a decent shot of the dress from the back, it has that ultra 50s v-shaped back. Next time I wear it I'll be sure to throw on a crinoline for that very 50s silhouette.

Since I was in North Carolina for my birthday, the days leading up to the 18th found the mailbox stuffed with birthday cards from my thoughtful extended family. Upon opening a package from my grandmother I found the most wonderful treasure, a piece of my great-grandmother's costume jewelry collection.
 I feel so honored to have this wonderful necklace, there are so many other ladies in the family that this necklace had to by-pass to get to me. I can't wait to wear it!

Another great birthday gift was the sale of my first item on Etsy! That's right, the green 60s mod dress sold and was shipped to Finland and it all happened on my birthday!

I can't wait to sell more, in fact I just posted a few "junk drawer" items in my Etsy store this morning.

I am also planning on adding a few more vintage garments and accessories later this week.
To check out what's for sale in my Etsy store, don't forget to check out the tab at the top of the page.

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