Halloween at Home

       I've been dragging my feet on decorating for Halloween, which is unlike me. I love to decorate, I really do, but when the rest of the neighborhood had their decorations up three weeks ago and stores put their Christmas decorations out at about the same time, I was really put off. Finally I found some time and motivation to get our house looking spooky.
       The prospect of trick-or-treaters (we are sure to have lots this year) was enough to get me planning but executing the plan was difficult- I had left myself with a big project and a small amount of time to do it in. After entire Sunday spent painting and glueing, I finally finished the banners I had envisioned and used the rest of the odds and ends in my Halloween box to do what I could.

My banner is simply painted burlap glued to clothes line and fastened to the porch with ribbon. The stairs are flanked by creepy cloth and topped with some glittery garland and a "Boo!" wedge of burlap. I've also spiderwebbed the porch and improvised a spooky wreath. I still have some decorating to do, pumpkins and paper lanterns, but these things must be done last minute. I am also planning on lining the drive way and sidewalk with the luminaries I made last year.

I am so happy to have this large porch at our new house- it's so straight forward to decorate, unlike the triangular entry at the rental house I decorated last year. While decorating for Halloween, my mind can't help but wander to thoughts of greenery and lights draped over the porch railing at Christmas. It's also nice to think that any effort I put into decorations this year will be appreciated for years to come. Hopefully we're done moving around for a while.
I'll be sure to snap a few shots of everything illuminated just as I did last Halloween. It sure is nice to be able to look back on years past especially when things look so much better in the present.

How are you decorating for Halloween this year?

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