It's Fall Somewhere

We interrupt your regularly scheduled spooky October post to bring you this (rather poor) outfit post.  

Okay, so before you think "wow, she's really let herself go," let me explain- it's been a long day. Despite the rather comfy (and frumpy) look of my favorite shoes, my feet are tired. And despite the numerous (feeble) attempts at styling my hair, it's absolutely gone wild thanks to a humid day and old fashioned air conditioning (driving with the windows down). It's about time to put on some comfy clothes, eat something good, and call it quits for the night. 

But before I pry my feet out of these shoes and peel off my stockings,  I had to share this outfit with you. 

This post is all about the skirt really, it's one of my favorite non-vintage pieces for this time of year because it just screams fall, not southern fall, but that crisp, colorful fall we have in NY. 

It was a bit too warm out for this sweater today but my internal thermometer (which is still stuck 700 miles to the north) has me thinking of sweaters and jackets. 
Sometimes I wonder just how long it will be before all of me realizes that I am living in North Carolina. 

I couldn't be bothered to take many pictures and out of those I took, the cat was in most of them.
Silk skirt- JJill
Belt- Steve Madden (also seen here and here)
Blouse- By Deep Los Angeles (also here)
Sweater- department store 

(Yep. Not a lick of vintage worn, except my glasses)

Hope you all have a pleasant weekend!!!


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