Public Pins- Shame, Shame!

I am quite certain that my neighbors are questioning the existence of my hair, because, for the most part, it spends its time pinned or wrapped in curlers and tucked under a scarf or bandana. Since I've been setting again, and due to the ridiculous humidity, I've been conserving my brush outs for excursions that take me beyond the neighborhood. I walk the dog, get the mail, mow the lawn and garden with my hair set and wrapped; it's cool, tidy and allows me to have nice hair when needed.

Sunday evening I sold the glasses I modeled in my last post (woo hoo!) and thus made a quick trip to the post office on Monday morning; this is how I ventured out: 

When I first started setting I would have never gone out this way, I would have been too embarrassed. Still, after all this time, I feel a little ashamed of not doing my hair before leaving the house, it seems lazy- right up there with wearing sweats or going out without makeup- I can only justify this act by wrapping my curlers and pins with a pretty old scarf ;) . 

Consult any mid-century etiquette book and you'll learn that one should indeed be ashamed of leaving the house with hair in curlers- it appears to be one of the cardinal sins of beauty.......

From: The Coed Book of Charm and Beauty, 1962

However, these "sinners" seem to be having the most interesting times, shameful hair and all.....

When going out in public with pin curls or curlers, one can.....
ride a tiny tricycle

From: New Complete Book of Etiquette: Guide to Living Graciously, 1963

present deer heads (yikes!),

From: Art in Clothing Selection, 1963

or hang out in car trunks!
pictures found here

If you set, do you take it public or keep it under wraps?

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