Black, White and Patience

Hello, and happy April! We're still waiting for Spring to stick here on the coast, but little by little the world outside is greening up and becoming more and more colorful. With real spring weather running about a month late, I'm finding it hard to keep my outfits perky and full of pastels, so when my beau suggested dinner out on Friday night, I went monochromatic. 
My beau has a habit of suggesting dinner out when it's been a long day, which is nice, but I'm usually a mess: covered in paint or soil, or sweating from some enthusiastic cleaning or yard work. Usually my hair is a wild bird's nest or still damp and wrapped up in a set, and I can't decide what to wear, which means he has to wait forever for me to get ready (he's seriously the most patient man, ever).

Friday he got lucky, my hair was miraculously hanging on to a set from earlier in the week, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to wear a dress that spends way too much time on the hanger.

Despite my expedited dressing, primping and photographing on Friday night, we arrived at my beau's restaurant of choice only to wait a dreadful amount of time for a table. By now, we should know better than to venture into Jacksonville, the city to our north, and expect to do anything quickly- especially when Marines have just been paid.

Anyway, this painting that I am photographed with and prancing around in front of is one of our newest auction wins and is hanging in our dining room-turned-Etsy-office.  We've discovered that patience at an auction pays off. Instead of requesting items that we are interested in at the beginning of an auction, we've found that if we can wait all the other bidders out, we can get things unopposed and for exactly what we're willing to pay. 

I'm incredibly tempted to paint the wall our new painting is hanging on, which stretches into our living room and makes up the whole front of our house, a very light grey color but can't justify the time and the expense since there are other home improvement projects to be tackled. Sigh. If I were to win the lottery, I wouldn't buy clothing or jewelry, I'd buy paint for the house and plants for the yard. 
Ah to have a beautiful, well decorated, home!

Oh well, all things take time, I suppose I'll settle for feeling well dressed and let the beautiful home come together in time. It'll get there, I know, I just have to be patient.

Faux cashmere sweater- Wet Seal, ten+ years old
50s black and white dress- Toronto birthday trip, 2010
Shoes- Payless, replacements for my trusty black tap-style shoes
Pin- Desert prize from my beau

Happy Sailing!

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