D'Lugan Estate Sale

        Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of estate sale-ing, for me, is exploring different houses. Each house is a surprise, and Saturday's house, the D'Lugan house, was exceptional.
        When we pulled into the neighborhood, which was filled with massive, old, white-columned homes, we knew we were in for a treat of a house. Strolling up the street to the sale, in the glorious Saturday morning sunshine, there was nothing to indicate we were approaching a mid-century time capsule. I can't help but think what a fuss the neighbors must have made when this modern house went up next to all their classic early-century homes.
 At this point, I should have turned around and retrieved my camera from the car, but alas I did not, so please excuse the cell phone pictures!
Just inside the home we were greeted by the first of many fantastic mid-century light fixtures that would be staying with the house. After touring through the un-updated kitchen and the second original bathroom (teal tile!), I was ready to move in.
I often have high hopes for clothing in houses like these, unfortunately, most of the clothing was polyester and far too modern for my taste. The name of the family, D'Lugan, was sewn into every garment; a first in my estate sale-ing adventures.
Despite the incredible home, there wasn't much for me, other than the experience, at this estate sale.
Me and my estate sale finds; outfit courtesy of Mrs. Bolton.
Check out that camellia behind me!

I did, however, pick up a spritz cookie maker, just like my great-grandma Ellen's.
With all its original disks, I just couldn't leave this behind for fear I'd never find one this complete again. 

Hopefully I'll get a batch of cookies made this week; if I do, I'll share them with you here.
Until then,
Happy Sailing! 

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