Sweater of the 70s

Last month, when at my parents house, my mother was going through a pile of "sentimental clothing," things that she and dad would never wear again (and hadn't worn since the 70s/80s), but she couldn't stand to part with. From the piles of band tees and plaid button ups (the kind with the pearly buttons) she pulled out a sweater that, for some inexplicable reason, I really, really liked. 

This had been her favorite sweater which she purchased as a young teenager (in the early 70s), from Peebles department store (I do believe), while visiting a friend in Maryland. 

While telling me the origins of her sweater, Mom pulled out a needle and thread, stitched up a few holes, and handed it over to me. It's synthetic, oh so 70s, and has some sort of Native American-inspired print, but it is Mom's, and it seems to get along pretty well with other garments in my closet, so I'll let the fact that it is from the despicable decade (I usually loathe the 70s) slide. 

Saturday was dreary and fall-like, so the thought of wrapping up in Mom's comfy sweater was too appealing to resist. The dreary, and rainy, weather also gave me an excuse to get out my favorite umbrella, which just happened to match the sweater!

Hat- Bellini, The Fairy Circle consignment store, Wilmington, NC 
(this hat was a consignment miracle, as most clothing in this shop is modern)

Umbrella- The Co-op, Yorkshire, NY
Sweater- Mom's (also seen here)
Dress- modern, Illicit Clothing (also worn here)

I just love when everything comes together like this!

Happy Sailing!

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