Mad for Pleated Plaid

My latest thrift store find not only feeds my wool obsession, it solidifies my love for all things pleated and plaid and completes a trio of plaid skirts-- one for each cool weather season. 

A plaid skirt and sweater is such a classic look which was especially popular with the emerging teen culture of the 1940s (according to this great LIFE magazine photo essay). 

Locket, peter pan collar, plaid... total perfection!

I especially love the look of these plaid pretties with loafers and socks but it's a look that (with my less than shapely legs) I just can't pull off. 

Love the cable knit knee socks!

Ah pearls and plaid... and check out that vanity (and the wallpaper!)

The advertisement below is from the 1960s (note the hair) and shows a more grown-up, and equally fabulous, approach to the look. The colors of the twin skirts are listed as turquoise and bright green, or fuchsia and hot pink, with coordinating sweaters! Definitely hoping to add such vibrant pleated plaids to my collection someday. 


And of course, I'm not just perusing pleated plaid on Pinterest, Etsy is chock full of pleat/plaid goodness!

More pleats than plaid but still adorable!
vintage 50s pleated wool skirt @ Bombshells and Babes

This skirt is advertised for fall but since winter just won't go away, it'd be great for spring!
Pink plaid Lombardi pleated skirt @ Pretty Old Goods

With my "new" plaid skirt I chose to highlight the subtle teal blue that runs throughout. While my sweater isn't an exact match, I'm always looking for an excuse to wear it as it is one of my favorites from Mrs. Bolton.

Outfit Details
Sweater-- Mrs. Bolton
White blouse-- TJ Maxx, purchased during college
Belt-- Thrifted
Skirt-- Thrifted
Pale blue tights-- JCPenney 
My usual Capezio character shoes

I wore this outfit this past Saturday for our usual errands and shopping. It was a beautiful spring day (hard to believe now, since we're back to winter) and no jacket was required.

Lately we've been sampling microbrews after our usual Saturday activities, which is incredibly enjoyable, and very convenient since our new favorite bar is two shops down from a wonderful vintage clothing store. Last Saturday my beau enjoyed a brew while I took a browse through some fabulous fashions of the past and managed to pick up a great dress (pictures to come!) for my sister-in-law's upcoming wedding. Nothing like shopping success followed by a delicious stout!

Hard to tell from these photographs, but I've lightened my hair significantly. Not sure how long I can keep it up (I fear maintaining the roots will quickly become too much fuss) but right now it seems so much more suitable for warmer weather!
While normally I have a preference for darker hair and a high contrast between hair color and skin tone, going lighter, and perhaps returning to my childhood copper color, has been something I've wanted to do for some time. 
Even with this subtle change, I'm reconsidering my conclusions on what colors suit me especially concerning make up. With warmer-toned hair, it seems that my slightly blue-red lipsticks are quite out of place...or perhaps they were all along, I just thought I could get away with them!

So, thoughts on pleats, plaid, blue-red lipstick... or anything else? I'd love to hear 'em!

(Fun fact: including this sentence, I've mentioned the words "plaid" and "pleated" 26 times)

Until next time,
Happy Sailing!

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